Getting the kids dressed well

kids dressed well

Stylish parents will be keen to ensure their kids look cool as well as being comfy. Kitting your youngster out in hip kids clothes should strike a balance between being on-trend, yet practical. Children are usually on their feet all day, playing with their friends, or attending school or nursery. Make sure your kids look and feel cool and stock their wardrobe with designer threads for every occasions.

Weekend wear

Kid’s weekend clothes should be casual, laid-back and comfortable. Many sports brands offer comfy footwear made from durable and high quality fabrics.
Going for designer labels means time and effort has been invested in the design of the pieces, keeping your kids looking cool!

Vans trainers are available for boys and girls and, with their bright colours and patterns, have a retro feel. Other brands also offer a range of laid back looks for children, such as Tommy Hilfiger, whose pieces include classic polo shirts, cargo pants and chinos.

For casual style for girls look to Diesel, a brand renowned for their high-quality jeans. As well as traditional denim tones, slim leg jeans in neon peach, turquoise and bright pink are also available and are great for spring.

Smart wear

Although kids will spend most of their time in casual clothes, there are special occasions in a child’s life which merit more sophisticated style. Birthday parties and family events are an opportunity for your child to enjoy dressing up in their finery.

Armani’s collection for youngsters – Armani Junior – includes smart clothes for boys, such as blazers, branded shirts, and two piece suits. Go for navy rather than black, which is more age-appropriate and is a brighter choice for the spring and summer months.

Many little girls love to get dressed up in party frocks and opting for a designer dress will make your little one the envy of her schoolmates! Roberto Cavalli is famed for his out-there frocks which many celebs choose to flaunt on red carpets. His trademark prints and contrasting textures are also a feature of his children’s line – Angels and Devils. The leopard print frill dress would be a fun piece for a school disco, whilst the bubble hem floral dress looks cute and is more appropriate for family occasions.


Children love being active and whether they are part of a sports team or just enjoy a casual kick-about, dressing your youngsters in designer sportswear means they can look both stylish and sporty. When shopping for sports trainers, it is of particular importance to choose a well-known brand, as trainers will be durable and made from high quality fabrics. Trainers should support a child’s feet, and innovations in sports fabric technology allow feet to breath and stop them overheating and feel uncomfortable.

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