Lady Gaga fashion

Lady Gaga fashion

Lady Gaga is one person who is breaking all the boundaries of the fashion world. In today’s world, she is known to wear a lot of wild collection clothes with the main intention of wanting to stand out of the crowd. In many ways, she has been a part of the fashion revolution that happened today. She has never been spotted in the same dress twice. We have always seen her wearing a dress which is very much different from the dresses that she has worn before. Her personal designer, Vin Burham, designs most of her dresses. He has been in the fashion industry for quiet some time and has designed collections for many celebs. Apart from this, she has added the unpopular pop star, Lady Gaga into her client list. This has increased her reputation.

Cheeky Bingo is one of the well known bingo companies in the country. This company too got a dress designed by the designer. This dress, which was designed by her, had a lot of sparkle and is known to have as many as 200 bingo balls. This is a dress, which can be made for one person only- the Queen of Bingo.

This character of the Queen of Bingo will be a perfect match for the Jackpot Joy Company. This is a company website, which has a lot of online games like casino, slots and immediate win games. They also gave a line of bingo offers. The character was launched in the television in the year 2010, September. This Queen lives in the metaphor palace of the website.

The designer was asked to make a gown for her in order to make her look the role that she plays. This dress had to be regal as well as the cheeky types and thus the designer made the dress which had a whole set of balls attached to it. The main feature of the dress was that it was ‘effortlessly glamorous’. This has made a connection with the bingo game and the designer. It is also called as a dress which has a lot of balls.

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