New year new converse trainers

converse trainers

Are you looking for new converses? Or bored up with the old ones and thinking to give them a new life? If yes, then here you go! We have some amazing ideas to help you in make your chucks a more rocking and striking. Before starting with converse trainers, you should first be aware of what is available with you. Always remember, there are several ways in which you can decorate the shoes. By any chance if you are more creative and require some more crafting stationaries, you can always choose crafting stores nearby. A good craft shop is where you can get almost all the craft stuffs required.

Next step is to plan some appropriate designs. While you plan your designs, you should always see, what is that you require and what you desire. It’s a fact that, if you use a fabric pen and fabric paints- they may get vanished away that easily. So, you will have to think twice before using such items. Always draft your ideas and then re-phase it on a piece of paper to check several different possibilities to bring out the best with the help of your converse trainers. After allthese trial and error methods and finalization of the design, sketch the same on the converse with the help of a pencil. Never bring in the detailed designs, just keep the draft within the sketch part.

After the exact sketching, you can start using the pens and colours to fill in. use the colours precisely and do not blot it outside the sketched outlines. After this is dried off, you can next add the details and mark the accurate outlines. Converse trainers will also let you understand the priorities of final touches and using glittering stuffs conditionally. Items like, smiley badges and others, different kinds of pins including safety pin will ensure to pull up the punk on your chucks. To make it funkier, you can replace the shoe laces with variety of laces available in market. If you don’t get a one of your choice then don’t worry, you can use fabric colours to colour your own laces. If you are still not satisfied, you can write some lyrics on the lace, you can bead it with threads, colour the lace eyelets of your choice and more.

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