The Male Ensemble – How To Match Your Clothes

The Male Ensemble – How To Match Your Clothes

Choosing individual items of clothing isn’t too challenging. Picking a shirt or a pair of trousers because you like the colour, the fabric, or the cut, that’s pretty simple. However, what happens when you get that one piece of clothing home and find that it doesn’t go with anything? This is a fundamental problem that a lot of guys seem to have. Unlike women, men are more likely to buy items one at a time, because they go shopping to buy a particular thing that they need. Women will pick up anything they like, whilst men go straight for whatever they know they came to buy.

Whilst women end up with hundreds of different clothing combinations, men can be left with odds and ends that just don’t go with anything!

A matching suit is a simple fix, but what about more casual combinations of upper and lower wear? Matching a jacket with a pair of trousers or jeans involves consideration of the fabric as well as the colour. Certain fabrics, such as flannel, can be paired with almost anything. Others look best with a similar fabric, and some only work when combined with something that provides a stark contrast. Try and get a good idea of the kinds of clothes you already have in your wardrobe so that when you’re shopping you can run through them in your mind and make sure you have something that the new item will match.

Colours are of course important as well. You don’t want to be wearing the same colour all over, but colours that provide too much contrast can end up looking garish and grotesque. You can wear two very different colours provided the tones match, i.e. soft tones or hard tones rather than a combination of the two. Also, don’t be afraid to match solids with patterns. But whatever you do, don’t go pattern all over – that may work for women with one-pieces such as dresses, but if you wear an extravagantly patterned shirt with similar bottoms you will simply look a bit like a clown!
Shopping online is a great way to assess whether new clothes will coordinate with items you already own. At sites such as, you can browse the men’ s clothing collection from home and keep checking your wardrobe to make sure that it’s a fit. Visit the Ellos online catalogue and their male section today for a full range of men’s clothing such as mens jeans, shirts, shoes and accessories.

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